Typical food and wine

The taste of tradition

Half on land, half on water, the Po Delta abounds in food from the sea and from the land: eels, clams, mussels, shrimps, sea bream and sole; sea bass, rice, radicchio and asparagus; squash, mushrooms and truffles, and more.

You can sample these local delicacies and try typical dishes of the region at our restaurants or you can take advantage of our tasting sessions organised by Po Delta Tourism at special events and festivals.

Don’t forget to try the delicious Comacchio eel, grilled, stewed, or with cabbage, marinated in vinegar or cooked in a delicate risotto. Not to mention fresh clams or mussels cooked in a wonderful spaghetti. A mixed seafood platter, from the sea or lagoon, is the perfect accompaniment to a boat trip along the Adriatic Coast. Or how about a mixed grill of fish, or a plate of pumpkin-filled pasta, ‘cappellacci di zucca’, or a radicchio or asparagus risotto...

Don’t miss out on your chance to sample the typical light and aromatic “sand wine” or “forest wine”, made from grapes grown in the sandy soil of the Po Delta.

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