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The Po Delta Park as a gift!

Offer a truly original gift! Buy for friends, family and your loved ones excursions in the Lagoons of Comacchio and in the Po Delta.

Private birding tour in the Po Delta Park

Birding tour with an expert local bird guide that will show you the different habitats of Po Delta Park. A true paradise for nature lovers, full of birds wintering, nesting or in transit!

Ferrara inside

A flexible itinerary  that leads you into the heart of the city in different ways, and invites you to enjoy traditional cuisine. Discover the city’s Medieval and Renaissance secrets.Learn to cook like a local ferrarese Chef. Discover what it’s like to live in the historic center and a  Unesco World Heritage Site.


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Excursions and experiences

The Comacchio's lagoons by boat

BOAT EXCURSION in the Lagoons of Comacchio, departing daily from Stazione Foce, with guided tour of the ancient fishing houses

Bike & Boat in Comacchio's Lagoons and Old Saltwork

For adventure lovers, an EXCURSION not to be missed which alternates routes with the BIKE and BOAT from the Lagoons to the old Saltworks of Comacchio.

Motorboat trip to the Po river mouth - with fish-based meal

BOAT TRIP along the River Po and to the Sacca di Goro, leaving from Gorino, with the possibility of a fish lunch on board.

A journey into the placid waters of the Po

Special trip on a SMALL BOAT leaving from Volano, travelling through the reeds of the Po di Volano Delta Nature Reserve.

From Comacchio to the Lagoons: the Eel fisching Spots

Boat trip from Comacchio to Stazione Foce where you can visit the "lavoriero", a trap to catch eel.

Po di Maistra and Golena Ca' Pisani

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