A journey into the placid waters of the Po

Excursion with a small boat in the reeds of the Po Delta

A real treat for those who love nature, this charming excursion onboard a small silent electrically-powered boat will lead you into the dense reed-thicket surrounding the mouth of the Po River at Volano. We will arrive till Torre della Finanza, an 18th Century building erected by the Papal State in order to control the access to the mouth of the Po di Volano.

Duration: 2 h

Days and times of excursion

Until 17/03/2019

Sunday and Holidays 10.30 am

Required minimum 6 persons

From 23/03 to 09/06 and from 07/09 to 03/11

Friday, Saturday and Days Holiday Eves 14.30 pm

Sunday and Holidays 11.00 am

From 10/06 to 05/09

Monday, Thursday and Saturday 5.00 pm

Boarding: Loc. Volano - boarding Oasis Canneviè, SP54 for Volano

*departure also from the port of Goro half an hour before
**only small and medium size dog allowed 

It is possible to include a tasting with typical local food and wines at Oasi Canneviè.


You can purchase the following tickets linked to this special offer directly

  Ticket description   Full-price Reduced Free  
Escursione in barca e prodotti tipici alla foce del Po di Volano

    Excursion into the placid waters of the Po and taste of local delicacies
A journey into the placid waters of the Po

  28.00 € 15.00 € 0.00 €
Un viaggio nel silenzio della foce

A journey into the placid waters of the Po

  20.00 € 10.00 € 0.00 €

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