Pomposa's Abbey and the "Wine of the Sands"

Guided tour at Pomposa's Abbey and tasting to the Winery Corte Madonnina

Guided tours starting from Corte Madonnina's winery, then we will proceed until we will arrive at Pomposa's Abbey, a thousand-year-old benedectine monastery, where we can admire the incredibly well-preserved remainder of the compound with its magnificent frescoes. On our way back there will be a stop at the vineyard where we will discover the secrets of the wine of the sand. A final tasting is included in the experience.

Duration: 2h


Days and times:

Saturdays – 5 p.m.


Meeting with the guide: Winery Corte Madonnina - SS 309 Romea, loc. Pomposa

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Pomposa's Abbey and the "Wine of the Sands"

Pomposa's Abbey and the "Wine of the Sands"

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