Comacchio Museum Pass

The only ticket to visit the museums and the Comacchio’s lagoons

For a boat trip in the Comacchio’s lagoons and to visit the archeological Museum Ancient Delta, the contemporary art museum Remo Brindisi and the Manifattura dei Marinati with a single ticket… buy the Comacchio Museum Pass!


Museo Delta Antico + Museo Remo Brindisi + Manifattura dei Marinati + Comacchio's Lagoons by boat

You can buy the Comacchio Museum Pass at:

-ticket office at the Museum Delta Antico

-ticket office at the Museum Remo Brindisi

-ticket office at the Manifattura dei Marinati

-all the Touristic Information Offices in Comacchio and Lidi.

Buy THE ONLY TICKET to access 3 MUSEUMS (archaeological museum, contemporary art museum, manufacturing of the marinated) and 1 BOAT EXCURSION in the Lagoons of Comacchio!


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